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China International Baby Articles Fair

Feb. 23-25, 2022    Shanghai New International Expo Center

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Whiz Bebe- from "World Factory" to "Chinese Brand"


The post-90s and 95s have become mainstream consumers of maternal and infant products. Compared with the previous generation, the new generation of young mothers has a more scientific, diversified, and individualized concept of childcare, and pays more attention to brand identity and differentiation. Whiz Bebe, a maternal and child brand under Little Dinosaur, pays attention to quality innovation, strictly controls product quality, and develops into a "warm and creative aesthetic maternal and child brand" in the fierce market competition.
From "World Factory" to "Chinese Brand", Whiz Bebe has successfully transformed in 20 years
In 2000, Little Dinosaur Group was established in Kunshan, China. At that time, China was known as the world's manufacturing factory. Different from many other "mother and infant workshops", Little Dinosaur Group have rapidly risen with the help of policies and market advantages, and continue to cooperate with the top international brands, learn from their skills and accumulate strength.
In 2013, Little Dinosaur Group launched its own brand Whiz Bebe and formed a full product system covering baby strollers, children's bicycles, balance bikes, scooters, cribs, dining chairs, etc. The products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions around the world. It has become a "warm creative aesthetics maternal and child brand", realizing the perfect transformation from "world factory" to "Chinese brand".  
In addition to product research and development of its own brands, Whiz Bebe continues to work with international maternal and child brands. In 2020, Little Dinosaur Group established a strategic cooperation with the renowned brand Easywalker to become the general agent in China and build a bridge for brand exchanges in the global market.

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